EC espouses eprocurement virtues

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EC espouses eprocurement virtues

Message par Brice » 29 oct. 2007, 11:15

The vice president of the European commission in charge of administrative affairs, audit and anti-fraud has said that cross-border public service delivery is at the centre of e-government plans. Speaking around the time of the ministerial e-government conference Reaping the Benefits of e-Government, Siim Kallas suggested that e-government and, by implication, eprocurement, was becoming mainstream.

With cross-border public services a big part of the commission’s e-government plans, eprocurement will be utilised to allow the public services to interact, according to the European commission. “Portuguese SMEs [small and medium-sized enterprises] that would like to supply healthcare products to a German public hospital could in future benefit from the EU-wide implementation of electronic public procurement (eprocurement) and respond easily to public tenders,” the commission offered.
In addition, people could involve themselves in government issues, such as local consultations, through e-government.

Earlier this week it was revealed that Glasgow city council has saved some £19 million in related costs since switching to an eprocurement service, according to ComputerWeekly.

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