Evaluating Financial and Technical Capacity

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Evaluating Financial and Technical Capacity

Message par Keith » 27 nov. 2006, 22:13

How do you evaluate financial and technical capacity. When you receive a response to a published notice how do you go about checking the details submitted. What you receive is entered by the tenderer so how can you prove or disprove the information that is sent to you. Can some give me some information on this matter as I am unsure as to how to confirm this issue.

Thanks Keith

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Financial and Technical Evaluation

Message par olteanu » 05 déc. 2006, 13:24

The trick is to ask sufficient questions so that you can crosscheck the answers. If the tender dossier is written well, then you will attract good bidders and frighten off the crooks. One method is to ask for references of past projects, and then contact the references for confirmation, even if past performance is no guarantee of future success.

In the aid programme, the requirements are becoming very bureaucratic and onerous due to cheating in earlier years. Original documents are required for all certificates. The cost of tendering has become prohibitive, which is destroying open competition.

I prefer to set the entry criteria sufficiently high and based on public documents, such as certified accounts to check financial stability.

Let me know the type of contract that you are considering.